Our unique and extensive catalog spans all genres and is a one-stop shop for quick and easy clearance. We also represent composers and producers who can quickly create high-quality, custom music specifically tailored to any project. We conduct music searches for agencies and other clients that need help sourcing and clearing the right music for their projects of any sized budget. Contact us for updated highlight reels HERE.

QSM founder Melissa Aubert started at the William Morris Agency (WME) before moving into music management and licensing in 2005.  She’s worked with artists James Brown, Echo & The Bunnymen, Duran Duran, Nick Rhodes/Warren Cuccurullo, Fischerspooner, Andy Rourke (The Smiths/D.A.R.K./Blitz Vega), Carina Round, Early Winters, Gibby Haynes and many others. 

With decades of experience in the music and entertainment industry, we have strong relationships with music supervisors and directors working on a variety of projects across multiple platforms. We have partnerships with numerous labels and publishers to ensure a constant stream of new music from various countries. Our mission is to pair the perfect song with its visual counterpart.